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YES we retool other manufacturer’s dies.

Normal service is 1-2 working days. Same Day Service is not uncommon. We will do whatever is necessary for you to meet your production deadlines.

Contact us today at (800) 433-2106 to request complete retooling that will maximize the life of your die equipment.

Customer Support

At Lederle, our knowledgeable sales representatives are available to listen, advise, and meet your deadlines consistently and economically.

Lederle is a leader in the flexographic industry due in part to our dedication to outstanding customer service. Our sales team is committed to providing you and every customer with quality, cost-effective application solutions that utilize the latest industry technologies. Whether your job is large or small, the experienced staff at Lederle will assist you from start to finish.

Click Here to Download Press Operator’s Manual

Key Benefits:

  • Application Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Job Completion
  • Accurate Job Costing

Contact our representatives at (800) 433-2106 to get the world-class rotary tooling you need for your application.

Click Here to Download our Press Operator’s Manual

Desktop File Transfers

With the help of the Internet, we make it easy for you to transfer dielines from your desktop to us, either directly or through your company LAN. There’s no need to wait for your dieline to be delivered. Simply send the dieline to dieline@lederle.com. It’s fast, efficient, and worry-free!

Key Benefits:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Precise Dimensioning

Experience the convenience of desktop file transfers, which allow you to send dielines quickly to our office.

Quote Requests/Order Status

Pricing a job? Need previous order history? Get all the information at your fingertips with iLMC.

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