Rewind / Inspection Machine

All Lederle Rewind Machines are CE Certified, “CE” stands for “Conformite Europeenne,” which is French for “European Conformity.” It attests that the product to which it is affixed has met certain safety and environmental standards. This assures consumers the product they are purchasing will be safe and can be enjoyed worry-free. As the CE Certification is specific to our rewinder, it certifies that the Rewind Machine complies with all relevant essential safety and environmental requirements as laid down in the applicable directives.

Lederle Rewind Machines:

The C-Class table comes standard with the upgraded AC drive. This makes our table very unique to the market. The advantage that you get with a C-Class Lederle Rewind Machine is that it WILL NOT FAIL. The AC drive reliability ensures that your machine is ALWAYS up and running at peak efficiency.

Lederle has been providing both parts and service from the time that the very first rewinder was built 42 years ago. This means that all parts and service are available for a wide variety of tables to include both DC and AC models covering a wide range of years in which they were manufactured.

Lederle Rewind Machines with DC motors and drives are all upgradable to AC packages. The motor, motor drives, and analog counter are replaced with newer AC technology.

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